Out Of This World!

The 2022 theme of the Art Exhibition and Fashion Parade, ‘Out of this World’, was inspired by the ideas of celestial, futurism and travel.

Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf were the core inspiration for the Year 9 Art celestial garments. Futurism was embraced for the Year 8 Design and Create plastic fashion pieces, and the Year 8 Draw and Paint students painted an aerial landscape looking through a plane window. We never repeat a project, and each year a theme seems to present itself for us!

Years 7 – 11 students from Design, Art, Fashion and Food classes were involved in this year’s event. The Art Exhibition presents works from all these year groups. The fashion parade included work from Years 8 – 11 students. This event also sees Year 10 Food students catering for the guests on the night. 

A variety of works, including ceramics, painting, sculpture, illustration, textiles and digital works, are on display. Some works were inspired by our Artist in Resident for 2022, Mark Tweedie. Other works represent on-trend functional design works, for example, figure vases, contemporary birdhouses and Fimo jewellery.

We asked Arianne Flora, Head of Visual Arts, why these events are important for their Department. “These extension events make the student’s work more meaningful. Artwork is hung, viewed, and a narrative or style is explored and interpreted by the audience. Design work has a purpose, to become functional and used in the surrounding world, including the catwalk. The students are always very excited to see their works on show and love bringing friends and family to the gallery and fashion parade to see their products and the results of their hard work.”

Below, two of our Year 9 students reflect on their art projects, which formed part of the Fashion Parade.

“Right from the start, I knew I was going to have my Riso print of the solar system going around the whole base of the skirt, but I came up with the rest of my design as I went along. I created stars to screen print around the hip area of my dress, and I also made a belt using the molar technique to go around my waist. My favourite part of making my dress was how easy it was to add a design/pattern to it through screen printing. The Riso print could be as detailed and as complex as we wanted, and when screen-printed, it came out identical to the original drawing. The inspiration behind my dress was that I wanted it to look something like the model’s skirt we saw when we first started this project. A long straight navy skirt covered in gold and white designs of the moon and stars. We also saw a dress with a big bow on the waist of a dress, which inspired me to use a gold bow at the back of my molar belt.” Alice Simmonds

Alice Simmonds in her dress

“I’m very happy with my art piece since I was able to make the skirt puff out by myself and make multiple screen print stencils to fill up my skirt. My favourite part was designing the dress and getting to be as creative as I wanted, getting inspiration offline and being able to be totally over the top. My inspiration was the bright sky when it’s covered in clouds and the golden sun.” Sienna Flora

Sienna Flora in her dress

Congratulations to our Visual Arts and Home Economics Departments, artists and designers on a wonderful evening.

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