Prospering For Life

What is the Prosper Program?

The Prosper Program is a co-educational initiative between Year 10 students at Santa Maria College and Christian Brothers College in Fremantle. It aims to teach students vital life skills required to succeed in life beyond school and fosters the development of social interaction and networking skills between the students from both Colleges.

How was the Prosper Program structured?

The program was broken down into eight sessions, covering the following topics:

  • Effective planning and goal setting
  • Prioritisation and productivity
  • Sleeping smartly
  • Mentorship and finding mentors
  • Networking and communications
  • Succeeding in interviews and job applications
  • Mental toughness and social media distractions

Who ran the Prosper Program?

David Castelanelli, who is a leading success mentor and coach for young adults, ran the eight sessions with students. David was formerly the WA Youth Ambassador in 2019 and has been voted as one of Australia’s Top 100 Young Leaders. He is currently appointed to the Minister’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC).

David’s expertise and knowledge shared with students over the program will have equipped them with the tools and resources to achieve their personal and professional goals.

What did our students think of the Prosper Program?

Participating in the program has helped me develop a better understanding of how to study and use my time more effectively.  David uses life experiences and humour to present topics. In group discussions, the ones on social media and resilience were my favourite. What I have learned in the program will help me have a better understanding of how to prioritise my time, make full use of the resources available to me, and be persistent with what I want and how I want to do it. My favourite saying that David uses is “It’s not having a bad day’. It’s I’m having a character-building day”. It is a real game changer for a better mindset. Lexi Chandler

I found David’s sessions on mentoring and networking and application and interview success most interesting as these were the topics focused on preparing us for making the most of upcoming opportunities. The tips in the application and interview success workshop will be important in helping me prepare for jobs I may want to pursue after high school or even during the rest of high school. Grace Westerhout

I really enjoyed the program. It taught me a lot of helpful tips, not just for study but for overall wellbeing also. I think it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and grow in knowledge. The sessions are quite engaging, and I had fun learning new things. Amelie Coffey

The Prosper program has benefited me personally as I have learned to become more resilient and focused, and I have seen an improvement in my learning. I intend to use these skills to help me as I enter my last few years of high school to try and reach my full potential and become more ready for university and life ahead. Maame Atta-Danso

This program has benefited me personally as I now have skills and knowledge in essential areas for success, such as leadership, motivation, and effective study. Lee-Elle Cooper

I most enjoyed the change of scene, learning in a new environment, and collaborating with people from another school, which allowed me to meet new people. Isabel Martinez

More Information

For more information on the Prosper Program, feel free to contact Claire Newton, Year 10 Dean of Students, on 6330 0272.

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