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Putting First Things First: Year 10 PCT

Putting First Things First: Year 10 PCT

We all have been guilty of procrastinating over that assignment due, or that job we should be doing. During Pastoral Care Time today, Year 10 students had the opportunity to put together a jar of rocks to remind them to prioritise the most important things in their lives over the ‘time wasters’ like Netflix.

The girls were given some time to brainstorm ideas about what was important to them, like family, friends, kindness or gratitude. After this brainstorming session, the girls were given a jar, six large rocks and some smaller rocks.

On the big rock, the girls were asked to write down things that were important to them on each rock and then place them in their jar. The jar was a representation of their life and that they only had so much time in a day. The large rocks were the biggest and therefore took up most of the space in their jar. The girls were then given some smaller stones to represent the unimportant, although still fun, activities in their life that should only take up small amounts of their time. The girls have been asked to keep their jar in a safe place that they can see on a daily basis to help remind them of the important things in their lives.

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