Santa Maria’s Pool Upgrade Enhances Wellbeing and Learning Opportunities

After much anticipation, Santa Maria College is pleased to share that the new pool heating system was successfully installed this week, marking a major occasion that has been welcomed with tremendous enthusiasm by both staff and students. This upgrade represents a pivotal step forward in our ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of our community, particularly during the colder months.

But the excitement doesn’t end here. Santa Maria is set to receive a series of planned enhancements to further elevate the swimming and aquatic experience.  Anticipated for installation over the upcoming summer holidays, new pool covers will play a pivotal role in maximising heat retention, consequently extending the swimming season well beyond the warmer months. This extension will undoubtedly enrich the opportunities for aquatic-based sports and training, thereby promoting a more comprehensive and engaging curriculum for our students.

Students at early morning swimming training

Emma Wood, Head of Sport, says, “We’re very excited for the pool heating to be installed. This gives us great flexibility with our PE, IGSSA and OED programs. We can now run activities all year round and really expand our water-based program. We’re also excited that the heating is likely to engage more students in these programs. The cold temperatures were a real concern for many families and limited participation so now that we’re at a comfortable 28 degrees we’re confident that the students will be keen to dive in.” 

In addition, cosmetic upgrades are also in the works, aimed at enhancing safety measures and other facilities surrounding our pool area. 

We are excited to witness the positive transformation this will bring to our school’s dynamic environment and the expanded opportunities it will provide to our students. 

We would like to thank Tim Stewart, Director of Corporate Services, Green Start and our Parent Council who generously allocated $40,000 from the parent levy funding towards this exciting project. Together, we look forward to an enjoyable and lengthy swimming season ahead!


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