Seeds of Justice Vertical Garden Project

The Year 11 Seeds of Justice group have just finished constructing a vertical garden on the rear wall of the McCormack Building. This project has occupied plenty of time and planning. It also involved working with the wonderful Grounds Team. The girls spent time in meetings with Mr Dawson, College Property Manager, regarding the purchase of resources and have shown creativity in the use of recycled pallets for the hanging structure.

We used a variety of succulents and colourful flowers to create our design and decided to locate it where members of our community from Boarding, Junior, Middle and Senior Years could appreciate it.

The purpose of our vertical garden was to build a more sustainable and happier environment for the school community. We have been fortunate to participate in a number of environmental projects over the past six months.  

Last year some of our group joined Year 11 boarders to plant 10,000 seedlings on a boarding family’s property. There is a similar project in the pipeline for July this year. During Future10 in 2020, we also participated in three different planting and cleaning up projects in our local community that have been much appreciated.  

We have learnt much about teamwork, leadership, initiative and creativity in finalising our design. We have planned a number of other activities over the coming months. Our next project is a planting day at Blue Gum Lake in Mount Pleasant on Saturday 27 March for Years 10 and 11 students and their families. If you would like to join us, you can register your interest by emailing Rosa Speranza at [email protected].

We have immensely enjoyed the experience of the Seeds of Justice Program, a Mercy Education initiative, and we look forward to projects to come.  

Sienna Romeri, Year 11

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