Seek7: Connecting Learning to Life

The Year 7 students exuded energy and enthusiasm as they worked on their Seek7 Enhanced Learning Program recently. The program offered students a valuable opportunity to connect their learning to life.

Students researched a topic of their choice regarding water sustainability. They worked in small groups to refine their chosen topic and conduct research, before presenting their findings in an interesting format, such as a podcast, diorama or poster.

In the following video, some of the Year 7s talk about the Seek7

Our Catholic, Mercy context underpinned the program and fostered student understanding of the importance of exercising stewardship in caring for our Earth. The program also helped students to develop a hands-on appreciation of the benefits and challenges of working collaboratively.

The Year 7 students are to be commended for their industrious and creative efforts in conducting and presenting their research in the Seek7 program.

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