Seek7: Escape Room Challenge

The Seek7 Enhanced Learning program is designed to help empower our girls to understand their world and their capacity to shape it. On Friday, as part of this journey, Year 7 students participated in an escape room challenge on the topic of water, specifically ‘the hydrological cycle.’

To be successful, the girls had to work effectively as a team and draw on the collaborative skills they have been building in classes leading up to the challenge. This integrated challenge was run across both the Year 7 Science and HASS classes and was designed to reinforce to students the important links between these subject areas.

As a result of successfully completing the escape room and reflecting on their teamwork, students gained a digital ‘Local Legends’ badge. This is the latest Seek7 digital badge, which the girls display proudly on their UpGrade student profiles.

This challenge was another component in students spending the term engaging with the bigger, sustainability-focused idea that ‘water is a valuable resource which requires careful management. Water quality and effective distribution have local, national and global significance.’

The Seek7 Escape Room was such an exciting activity! It was really great to work so well with my group. The emotion I felt, and still feel, is satisfaction and happiness because we worked really well and I’m really proud of my group. We listened to each other’s ideas, split the jobs up evenly, and even rotated them so we all had a go at different jobs. I can use my experience in future group assessments and tasks, workplaces, and overall interactions and working together with a community and my peers. Gabrielle Ranallo

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