Skye: Sparking Change In Her Local Community

Year 7 student, Skye, collecting signatures to save Fremantle's CAT bus service
If you laid your eyes on the Melville City Herald last Saturday, you might have noticed a Santa Maria College student on the front page!
This is Year 7 student Skye, who is petitioning against the closure of Fremantle’s CAT bus service. Skye has taken matters into her own hands, receiving the signatures of over 200 businesses, residents and visitors, who support continuing the CAT bus service.
Skye quotes in the article, “So many different people use it, from school kids to people going to work; it serves so many purposes.”
Skye adds, “The removal of this service will not only impact the tourists for which it was originally created, but will significantly increase daily difficulties such as school children and residents commuting to the train station; it prevents aggravating the current issue of limited parking in Fremantle and traffic congestion….”
We’re incredibly proud of Skye for using her voice to generate change and advocating for those who might otherwise be unheard.
Principal, Jennifer Oaten, says, “It is always inspiring to see our students take initiative and use their voices to create positive change in the community… Skye has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by advocating for the continuation of Fremantle’s CAT bus service.”
“At Santa Maria College, we encourage our students to be agents of change and make a difference in the world around them.”, adds Jennifer.
We look forward to seeing how this petition will impact the community. Keep up the fantastic work, Skye!
If you would like to learn more, you can read the article on Skye here.
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