Solving the Equation of Success: Students Excel in Math Competition

L to R: The Y10HILBERT Team Gemma, Amelia and Madeleine (Parie absent for photo)

Amelia, Madeleine, Gemma and Parie, also known as team Y10HILBERT, have recently achieved a momentous feat by winning first prize in the esteemed Have Sum Fun Online Maths Competition. This renowned competition is organised by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) and is endorsed by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT). Its central mission revolves around fostering and promoting the art of mathematical problem-solving among students from Years 3 to 10 throughout the nation.

The Competition

The competition itself was structured in a quiz format, where participants engaged in a challenging race against time. Contestants, working under a stringent one-hour time constraint, received a set of ten challenging questions via a provided link. Their task was clear: respond swiftly and accurately, with the timing of their responses directly influencing their final scores. The intrigue of the competition lay in the fact that scores were instantly revealed, keeping the participants in suspense about their standing among the other contenders. 


Though the girls had been consistent participants in the Have Sum Fun Competition in the past, preparation for this contest posed a unique challenge. Given that the quiz encompassed a diverse array of topics, spanning geometry, sequence problems, algebra, probability, arithmetic, and many more, they were only equipped with a collection of prior practice questions and  guidance from their Maths Enrichment teacher Mr Li.

The Key to Their Success

Their exceptional success can be attributed to their well-planned strategy. Prior to delving into the questions, the girls took a meticulous approach, carefully reviewing all the problems and pinpointing those that resonated with their individual strengths. When confronted with challenging questions, they harnessed their combined knowledge, drawing on insights gained in their classes, and collaborated seamlessly to work out the answers. 

The triumph of Amelia, Madeleine, and Gemma in this competition serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication, efficient collaborative skills, and incredible problem-solving abilities. Their remarkable achievement is a source of immense pride, not only for themselves but also for the Santa Maria Community. 

Congratulations once again Amelia, Madeleine, and Gemma for your inspirational dedication and exceptional success in the Have Sum Fun Online Maths Competition!

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