Staff Take Time Out

According to Deakin University, over a lifetime, up to 80,000 hours will be spent in the workplace. As work plays such an important role in our lives, offering opportunities to increase wellbeing is becoming more relevant in today’s society.

Dr Amanda Allisey, lecturer at Deakin, says “When employees enjoy a happy, healthy work environment, you start seeing exciting innovations in business.”

This week, our staff were given the opportunity to enjoy a Community and Wellbeing afternoon with activities on offer such as yoga, meditation, tennis, singing, board games and art.

The aim of these sessions was to build community and foster wellbeing by giving staff the opportunity to participate in an activity not normally a part of their duties at the College.

Religious Education teacher, Shoshanna Beins said, “The Community and Wellbeing afternoon was an excellent opportunity to have some scheduled time away from meetings, deadlines, emails and marking, and was a welcome break especially at this time of year. Sometimes as teachers we find it hard to disconnect from work and take a break to refresh ourselves as well as to connect with other staff members in a more personal way.”

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