Students Design Their Own Quilts

Year 10 Fashion & Textile classes have been working hard on a design and production task for the past 12 weeks, starting in Term 3.  The girls researched quilt designs and production techniques and decided on a plan for their design.  

This process involved design and STEM skills. The girls worked through a process of outlining a design draft on graph paper, then working out the colours, prints, and quantities of cotton and fabric required to complete a single quilt throw or baby blanket.

Initially, the girls found the task to be daunting. However, they gradually gained the confidence to tackle the task; cutting multiple blocks and making their strips of fabric that would be turned into the whole quilt design.

It is wonderful to see how the girls have grown in their understanding of the design and production of such a long and involved product.  With a focus on quality and finish, the girls were able to see their quilts come together mostly with ease, but definitely with an appreciation of their own efforts.

This is such a lovely task to finish off the year, and I know the girls have loved it. They will cherish their heirloom quilts or give these special quilts to family for Christmas, or as baby gifts.

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