Students Excel in FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge at Aquinas College

Who doesn’t love playing with LEGO®? Our Year 9 Robotics & Coding class took it to the next level, showcasing their exceptional talent and innovation at the FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge held at Aquinas College over the weekend. The competition saw enthusiastic participation from two Santa Maria College teams, both of which enjoyed significant achievement.

The competition was part of a larger initiative encompassing seven regional rounds in Western Australia, organised in collaboration between FIRST® and LEGO® Education. This partnership offers students a platform to tackle real-world engineering problems, pushing them to design, construct, code, and ultimately solve these challenges. Through this hands-on experience, participants cultivate essential skills in problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and leadership within the realms of STEM.

Anahat Singh, Jasmine Collins, and Annibel Godsall received the Core Values Award for their outstanding demonstration of teamwork and innovative ideas. Their cohesive collaboration and inventive approach stood out amidst the competition.

The second team, comprising Shanae Maher, Maggie Holland, Rachael Wu, and Emily Bleakley, received the Innovation Project award. Their creative solution, coupled with their presentation skills, has also propelled them into the West National Championship, marking a significant achievement in their robotics journey.

The essence of the FIRST®  LEGO® League lies not only in nurturing the next generation of innovators and leaders but also in instilling critical thinking abilities and a passion for problem-solving. Participants are tasked with building and programming a LEGO® robot to manoeuvre through a series of missions, fostering skills that transcend traditional classroom boundaries.

The ethos of the program, encapsulated in its values of Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, and Fun, underscores the holistic development it strives to achieve. Students are encouraged to explore new skills, employ creativity and persistence, apply their knowledge to effect change, respect diversity, work collaboratively, and revel in the joy of learning.

The mission of FIRST®, an acronym for “For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology,” aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Lego League Challenge. It aims to inspire and engage young minds in mentor-based programs that not only hone scientific and technological skills but also foster life capabilities such as self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

Congratulations to all participants for their remarkable achievements, embodying the spirit of innovation and collaboration in this exhilarating robotics endeavour. The success of our students is a testament to their dedication, ingenuity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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