Students Excel in Prestigious UWA Emerging Engineers Competition

Giving students at Santa Maria College the opportunity to engage in external competitions is crucial, as it encourages personal growth, improves skills, and fosters a sense of achievement outside the classroom.

Year 10 Physics students Mary Scott, Gemma Smart, Matilda Thomson, Sofia Gotsis, Madi Woods, Emma-Joy White and Libby Markham are participating in the prestigious UWA Emerging Engineers Competition in two teams this year.  

This 20-week competition sees students work on a project in small teams to design a solution in response to a project theme.

It introduces engineering research and development in a real-world context. Students will follow the engineering design process and design criteria to research, develop and pitch an innovative solution.

In addition, the competition provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate transferable skills such as: 

  • Critical and creative thinking 
  • Communication 
  • Independent research 
  • Project management 
  • Teamwork

For this year’s competition, the girls have been tasked with innovating a solution for a low-carbon footprint design to power a house in 2040! This theme focuses on examining our current energy demands and how we meet them and asks students to propose cost-effective and sustainable ways to meet our energy needs in 2040. 

Last semester, the girls submitted their proposed designs in the first stage of the competition, which saw them make their way to the second stage. This week, as part of the competition, participating teams from different schools across WA made their way to the UWA Crawley campus, which provided an excellent opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the competition theme ahead of their own research and design through various hands-on activities.

Our Year 10 students impressed the organisers by completing all the challenges given to them, being the only team that took the ultimate challenge of assembling an advanced circuit.

All schools will be notified of the outcome of their submission by 1 September 2023. Shortlisted teams will also be invited back onto campus to present their solution to a panel of judges at the final event on 15 September 2023. 

We wish our two Santa Maria teams the best of luck!

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