Students For Change

“Young people demand change. They wonder how anyone can claim to be building a better future without thinking of the environmental crisis and the sufferings of the excluded”.

The Catholic Earthcare Youth Summit is a student-led, student-designed eco day organised by Caritas. The day-long summit is focussed on empowering student leaders through opportunities for advocacy and action around ecological justice and the sustainability of our earth. The Summit aims to foster student discussion on various ecological topics and inspire them to be leaders helping develop more sustainable lifestyles within their schools and communities.

Santa Maria College representatives Gabrielle Goes and Sascha Finlay-Collins interviewed gardening expert and TV presenter Costa Georgiadis via Zoom ahead of the Summit. The girls prepared questions for the interview, which ran for approximately one hour.

After a few introductions from the coordinator Sue Martin from Caritas, it was over to Gabi and Sascha who presented a series of questions to stimulate discussion ranging from how Costa became involved in gardening and to be a presenter on TV, to how he defines sustainability and what tips he had for them as leaders to promote sustainable actions at a school. Costa was really inspiring and kept referring to how important it is for future generations to have students willing to use their passion and talents to work and promote care for the planet.

The girls were mature and articulate, adjusting their questions and comments to suit his responses, and were overwhelmingly gracious of the opportunity. The interview was recorded and will be used as part of the opening of the summit.

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