Students Help Out at Local Parish

Over the last few weekends, a number of our girls have been helping out at St Joseph Pignatelli Parish, doing some heavy gardening, as part of the Service Program.

The girls from Years 8 & 9 had a great time and have enjoyed the experience. The Parish is very grateful for their assistance.

Santa Maria parent Melissa Farrell, who supervised the girls said, They were very enthusiastic. They worked in pairs and worked hard, but had fun doing it. Great teamwork! It was lovely to hear lots of chatting, see smiley faces and the girls meeting new girls. They seemed to really have fun! Father Don Kettle and the Parish are very appreciative of the huge help and impressed with what they achieved! As a team, they did 100 ‘people’ hours of gardening and cleared 100% of the block ready for the Parish and Mel Maria Primary School to use.”

 Well done girls!

There will be other service opportunities at the Parish throughout the year. If students are interested, please email Melissa Farrell [email protected]

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