Students Improvise their Way into the 2020 McAuley Shield

House Drama! What an impressive couple of evenings. For those of you that don’t know, House Drama is an event for the students to express their creativity and flair. It involves eight teams of five or six students improvising a range of drama games, competing for first place.

The performances require courage, an alert mind and a wide imagination. Students are given occasions to practise these improv games leading up to the competition but ultimately, they are unaware of their improv subjects until the moment they step on stage. It is high pressure and not for the faint hearted. House Drama provides the girls with an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and express themselves in front of an audience.

Congratulations to all the girls involved in the competition! A special mention to Corbett for winning the Year 9-11 evening and Kelly for winning the Year 7 and 8 evening.

Performing Arts Captain Sophie Kelly said, “After months of preparation through workshops and team meetings, we came together on Monday and Tuesday night to compete. The performances began with small, fun introductions as a way for each House to introduce their teams. We then put our skills to the test through various improvisation games which produced crazy and entertaining stories for the audience and judges. With quick thinking and wit, the performers didn’t fail to impress, creating hilarious scenes and gaining the first points of the year towards the McAuley Shield for 2020.”

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