Supporting Those Less Fortunate: Santa4Santa Day

Christmas is just around the corner, and for some, that means a difficult time of the year.

At Santa Maria College, we are in the midst of our Christmas Appeal. Students and staff have been invited to bring items requested by the agencies we support or to make a financial donation.

Santa4Santa Day is another way we raise funds for the Christmas appeal and the valued agencies supporting those less fortunate.

Santa4Santa Day on Thursday was a day of fun for the girls. They enjoyed lots of different activities during recess and lunch, including games and food (pizza and chips, anyone?). It was also a great opportunity to shop for some Christmas gifts. The Eco Sisters provided eco-friendly items to purchase.

Many different service groups were involved. The Ministry team, Just Leadership, Seeds of Justice, Eco Sisters, Young Vinnies, and Young Mercies all pitched in with stalls and support in the lead-up and on the day.

Santa's helper Alexa McAullay with Service Captain Maya Zammmit

Maya Zammit, our new Service Captain, has been involved in several service groups during her time at Santa Maria, but this is the first time she’s had a key role to play in her capacity as Service Captain. “It was incredible”, she said. “Even girls who weren’t even in a service group just wanted to help out.”

We asked Maya which charities the day supports. “Santa4Santa Day raises funds for St Pat’s, St Vincent de Paul, and Shopfront. These organisations, in turn, support families living in poverty.”

Maya believes a day like this is important. “Living the lives of privilege that we do, I believe that it is always important to be aware that not everyone is in the fortunate position that we are in. This is especially relevant at Christmas, where, while we may exchange presents and have a large Christmas lunch, some families are struggling to afford to put food on their tables. These groups make it possible for some families to enjoy Christmas like everyone should be able to.”

The funds raised and our Christmas Appeal donations will be handed over to the agencies during our Christmas Mass and Assembly in Week 8.

Our Christmas Appeal continues until next Friday 25 November. Please remind students to bring their donations into Homerooms. Here is the full list of items requested.

Financial donations can also be taken through our Finance Department. T: 6330 0234

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