Wise Advice from Dads of Girls

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wisdom of dads in our Santa Maria College community.Here are 10 pieces of valuable advice for dads of girls.

Beating Loneliness by Madonna King

How can our daughters be so connected, and yet often feel so utterly, utterly alone? That irony surfaced in the research of my book Being 14: Helping fierce teens become awesome women. Interviews with almost 200 of them showed they were permanently connected, living in a world of touch screen and wifi, of devices and apps, of television on demand, music in the pocket, and instant gratification. And that was what they saw as the divider between their generation, and that of their parents.

The Power of Consistency in a Now, Now, Now World

If you had to identify one thing that distinguishes this generation of teens from all those before it, I think it would be their belief in the power of now. They are the generation of instant gratification. If you want to speak to someone, you call them on their mobile device. If you want to see someone, you FaceTime or Skype.

Talking to Kids About Manchester

The bombing in Manchester was beyond abhorrent. It defies comprehension that someone could plan an attack that was sure to kill children and the adults caring for them. It is always shocking when innocent people are targeted, but this tragedy poses special problems for parents and those who work with young people.

When Kids Don’t Fit In

At some stage most kids feel left out and alone at school. There are lots of reasons for this. How do we help those kids and how do we create a culture of inclusion?

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