The Art of Performance: Exploring Viewpoints and Composition with Amelia Burke

Drama, as an art form, is an intricate dance between expression and technique, a delicate balance that Amelia Burke, Artistic Director of the West Australian Youth Theatre Company recently shared with our Year 11.5 ATAR Drama Students. Through a series of workshops, Amelia brought forth the dynamic world of Anne Bogart and Tina Landau’s viewpoints and composition, offering a transformative experience that extended beyond the stage.

Amelia Burke

Amelia fuses her love of live performance with her passion for working with young people. She has worked as a teaching artist and director for a variety of arts companies across the country. For NIDA Open, she directed and devised a version of Company Three’s Brainstorm and a new production of Lachlan Philpott’s Bustown

The Workshop’s Essence

The workshops were a tapestry of exploration, delving into the fabric of viewpoints and composition. Viewpoints are a set of principles and techniques designed to guide both actors and directors. The workshops focused on the importance of being present in the space, creativity, ensemble building, and understanding of the nine key viewpoints and composition.

Throughout the sessions, students were urged to embrace the unknown to surprise themselves through movement and spatial responses. Amelia’s guidance encouraged students to step beyond their comfort zones, recognising the power of discomfort in fostering growth and discovery.

The Benefits for Our Drama Students

The significance of these workshops transcends the rehearsal space. With viewpoints being a pivotal component of the Year 12 Drama syllabus, this hands-on experience helps students navigate the intricate world of performance. More than theoretical knowledge, the workshops provided invaluable practical insights, connecting students directly with industry professionals. This exposure allows them to apply these newfound approaches not just in their coursework but also in the realisation of Australian drama texts, like “When the Rain Stops Falling.

Rainy Guimbeau shares her experience, “Having Amelia come in was such an enriching opportunity. Being able to learn about various techniques that help us become better performers are ones that we will carry throughout our performances this year. It was really interesting to understand how members of a cast can connect with one another without saying a word, covering tempo, rhythm, and other elements of drama. A Massive thank you to Amelia for teaching us about viewpoints!” 

Abigail Marra said, “The workshops have been an enriching experience into the complex and intricate theories that are required to fully immerse oneself in a role.” 


Amelia Burke’s workshops offered a gateway to a world where technique meets expression, where discomfort brings growth, and where students evolve into not just performers but storytellers. The impact of these workshops will linger, guiding these young performers as they tread the boards, armed with newfound wisdom and insight.

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