The Ripple Effect

At Santa Maria College we have a team of Student Mental Health Ambassadors. These students work in teams on projects that raise awareness of mental health issues, ensuring the topics and themes are appropriate for girls their own age.

This week our two Year 6 Mental Health Ambassadors, Emily Johnstone and Madelyn Smith, visited the Years 5 and 6 Homerooms to share an important message about being friendly and kind to their peers.

Our names are Emily and Maddy and we are the Year 6 Mental Health Ambassadors. Our role as Mental Health Ambassadors at Santa Maria College is to promote good mental health and raise awareness of ways to take care of ourselves in this aspect of our lives. 

One way to maintain great mental health is to surround ourselves with good friends and to be a good friend to others. Ms Stade has been sharing her wisdom about friendship with the Year 5 classes this Semester. Year 6s also learnt about this important topic when we were in Year 5. One of the things we learnt about is the idea of gossip and how harmful it can be if it is negative gossip. 

We thought about gossip as being a droplet in a body of water that spreads quickly. We need to remember to stop the spread of negative gossip by saying things like, “I don’t want to be involved in spreading gossip,” or we can simply change the subject and talk about something else! This is an important way of being a good friend to all of the girls in Years 5 and 6.

This poster will help us all to remember the important messages we have learned about gossip. A poster will be displayed in each of the Years 5 and 6 classrooms.

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