The Voices of AcaMaria

AcaMaria, is a group of dedicated and talented Santa Maria College students who come together every Monday morning to sing. Their beautiful voices float down the stairs of the McAuley Building. The Sisters of Mercy, who were so passionate about music, would be thrilled to hear these students challenging themselves and their voices.

The style of singing is acapella, which refers to a group of singers singing unaccompanied.

Jessica Del Borello, AcaMaria Director, said “The AcaMarias are influenced by the American group Pentatonix and the Perth acapella group, The Baden Street Singers. The Santa Maria group is an extension for vocalists from the Years 9/10 and the Years 11/12 chorales.

Jessica explains, “It extends the girls singing, they can be quite vulnerable as there is no support from instruments. Their voice becomes the instrument.”

 Year 12 student, Chelsea White said she was drawn to the AcaMarias through her passion for music and the chance to try a different style of music. “It’s an amazing opportunity to develop as a vocalist, and I love being able to participate in as many music co-curricular groups as possible.

“This style is particularly challenging, but it’s extremely satisfying and enjoyable to perform because of this. I love being extended as a vocalist through acapella singing, because it is so complex, and it sounds so amazing as a finished product.”

The popularity with this group has grown with nine girls performing at the 2020 Showcase evening. This year, 16 girls will perform.

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