Triumph and Records: Kelly House Dominates Interhouse Competitions

Kelly House Coordinators Natalia Neates (left) and Ariyan Cooper (right) receiving their Interhouse Public Speaking, Interhouse Soccer, and Interhouse Athletics Carnival trophies
It’s been a suspenseful few days as we’ve waited for the results of the Interhouse Athletics Carnival! To top things off, we also announced the winners of the Interhouse Soccer and Public Speaking competitions, which were held in Term 2.
Congratulations to Kelly House for their clean sweep, winning all three competitions – a truly impressive effort.
We’d also like to congratulate our individual students who performed exceptionally well at last week’s carnival. Our Champion and Runner-Up Champion girls from each year group were:

Year 12

Champion: Maya Kenny (Dillon)
Runner-Up: Scarlett Huston (O’Reilly)

Year 11

Champion: Teagan Begovic (Byrne)
Runner-Up: Ayla  Keady (Corbett)


Year 10

Champion: Parker Brindle (de la Hoyde)
Runner-Up: Addison Opalinski (Kelly)

Year 9

Champion: Olivia Keady (Corbett)
Runner-Up: Ainslie Keady (Corbett)

Year 8

Champion: Jayde Veverka (Dillon)
Runner-Up: Rutendo Ngoma (de la Hoyde)

Year 7

Champion: Willow Marshall (Corbett)
Runner-Up: Lolani Hatch (Dillon)


Year 6

Champion: Addi Masci (Kelly)
Runner-Up: Harper Taylor (Dillon)

Year 5

Champion: Gwenyth Young (Byrne)
Runner-Up: Zara Self (de la Hoyde)
There were also multiple records broken on the day. Well done to the following students:

Year 7 80m Hurdles

Willow Marshall (Corbett) – 14.50 (old record 15.54)

Year 5 60m Hurdles

Gwenyth Young (Byrne) – 12.21 (old record 12.63). This was also broken by Ava (Dillon).

Year 9 800m

Chloe Dartnall (Dillon) – 2.30.35 – equalled the current record.

Year 6 Turbo Javelin

Billie Wood-Smith (Corbett) – 23.21m (old record 22.83m)

To view the results of each individual event from the Interhouse Athletics Carnival, click here.

Lastly, a massive thank you to everyone who played a part in organising all three interhouse events. The level of commitment and effort needed to successfully carry out such expansive events is commendable. 

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