UniReady Enabling Program Proves Popular Alternative

Have you ever considered an alternative pathway to ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) for your daughter?

A recent national study found that the number of students who accessed higher education through non-ATAR pathways over the past decade has steadily increased.

Students are utilising alternative pathways to gain university admission. At Santa Maria College, we aim to provide these various pathways to students so they can make the most of their learning and achieve their goals.  

Introduced at the College this year, the UniReady Enabling Program is an alternative entry pathway to university run by Curtin University. Upon completion of the program, students are awarded a notional ATAR of 70 which can then be used to satisfy the entry criteria for a range of degrees at Curtin University and other universities.

Ultimately, the program aims to develop students’ transferrable academic skills to improve university success chances. Across Year 12, students complete four UniReady units and various other general courses.

This year, a respectable thirteen students are completing the UniReady Enabling Program.

Last week, these students embarked on an excursion to Curtin University’s Bentley campus, where they attended an information session on the courses offered, heard about the experiences of several first-year students and discovered campus facilities through a guided tour. It made the transition from Santa Maria College to Curtin University life ‘real’ and provided a fantastic opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the experience.

We had a chat with some of the girls to see what they gained from the experience, and they had nothing but positive things to say.

I really enjoyed the trip to Curtin University through the UniReady Enabling Program. It was an amazing opportunity, as we got to look around the campus and explore areas that we are interested in studying next year. It was nice to see the campus and consider how I would see myself there in the future. I feel as if the UniReady Enabling Program is a good fit for me, as it provides a 70 ATAR score when passed, without the pressure of extended three-hour exams, which I struggle with. I’d strongly recommend the UniReady Enabling Program as an alternative pathway in Year 12, as it provides great opportunities and gives you a head start on university learning. Amelia Chapman 

Walking through Curtin University as part of the excursion allowed me to gain a sense of the type of experiences I may gain while being educated. I got to see some of their impressive facilities and gain an idea of how I would enjoy studying there. The UniReady Enabling Program proving to be the right pathway for me as I am learning important skills for further education after I graduate, as well as general skills for the rest of my life. Lily Pietersen

Something that I learned during visiting Curtin University was that when applying to university later this year, we can pick electives, different majors, etc. This means that my choices may be completely different to someone else in the same degree. Another valuable thing that I learned was that it is okay to change your course/degree, and lots of people do. The UniReady Enabling Program was the most appropriate pathway for me since I could drop down to general courses and keep the two ATAR courses I enjoyed the most (Geography and Maths Applications). In Year 11, I was struggling to keep up with all five of my ATAR courses (English, Maths, Geography, Economics, Religion and General Outdoor Education), so when the UniReady Enabling Program became an available option for me I thought that it would be a good opportunity. By completing the program, I can apply for courses which require an ATAR of 70. Yazmin Peach

If you’d like to find out more on the UniReady Enabling Program, please reach out to Leana Martin, Head of Careers and Transition, on 6330 0243 or [email protected]

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