Weekly Wrap Up: Term 1, Week 3, 2023

Week 3 was a busy one, with the Interhouse Swimming Carnival, the launch of our service co-curriculars, Artist in Residence, and more! 

Featured in this week’s wrap up, we also have photos of:

  • Years 11 and 12 IGSSA Volleyball
  • Year 6 Eco Warriors Excursion
  • Year 5 laptop rollout
  • IGSSA swimming squad announcement 
  • Boarding Valentine’s Day  

We hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you all next week! 

Shaping Future Leaders- Jennifer Oaten

At Santa Maria College, we believe that leadership is a journey of learning, not just a title or position. For over 80 years, our Year 12 students have been at the forefront of shaping our school’s culture through their leadership. As one cohort graduates and another takes the helm, the baton of leadership is passed, igniting the potential within each new group of young women.

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