Welcome Back Boarders!

Our Boarding Community is once again alive with laughter, love and fun.

The returning boarders have bought back a greater appreciation of this wonderful community and all who are in it. The girls have a new appreciation for the time and efforts of their teachers, with face-to-face and online teaching. They have more appreciation and gratitude to their parents for choosing to send them to Boarding.

The Boarding supervisors have been so excited about the girls’ return to Boarding. They love their jobs and find joy in the day to day life they share with boarders. We are blessed to be part of this heart-filled community, where all are happy, supportive and caring.

It’s so wonderful to hear voices talking and laughing down the corridors again. Ursula House feels as though it has come alive again. Cathy Smith, Housemother, Ursula House

At last, Catherine House returns to the vibrant, lively, noisy, fun filled place it is, with that vital ingredient, our beautiful girls. We have missed them enormously and are delighted to be re-energised with their spirit and enthusiasm. We welcome them back with open arms, (at a respectable social distance) and lots of virtual hugs. Jen Sullivan, Housemother, Catherine House

Sylvester House is full of joy and laughter; all is well in the world again. There is so much excitement, everyone trying to tell their news, and a great show and tell of new pyjamas, uggies, doona covers and the latest gossip of course, it wouldn’t be boarding without that. It is so beautiful having your girls back. I’m sad for those parents who are deeply missing them, but we will take very good care of them for you. Frances Preston, Housemother, Sylvester House

I appreciate my parents sending me here for teaching. I appreciate my parents sending me here because I can now see how important friendships and relationships are and I appreciate being in Boarding. Sigrid Hall, Year 10 boarder

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