Year 10 Reflection Day: Embody Love

Embody Love

Year 10 students participated in the Embody Love program for their Reflection Day. This program was specifically written for the Year 10 students, with the aim of linking positive faith experiences with improved mental health.

Developed by Sandra Standhams and Majella Dennis from Encompass Psychology, the Embody Love program allows for positive reflective experiences for our students.  

The Theme

The program’s theme calls for exploration and a deeper understanding of what love is and how we can embody love more fully in our lives? In other words, how can we be love, for ourselves and others?

The Activities

The reflective activities were varied to cater for different expressions and experiences while supporting students to explore and experience a ‘cosmic force’ of universal love. Through prayer, dance, meditation, and games, students are encouraged to ask these questions: 

  • How can we embody love more fully?
  • How can we make it visible in our lives?
  • How can we align more with it and allow it to flow more vitally through our bodies, hearts, and minds?


Here are some of the girls’ thoughts about the program:

My takeaway from today is the importance of acceptance and that everyone deserves to feel welcome and loved because we are all worth it. Grace Westerhout

How I should feel more highly about myself and care less about society’s expectations of how a person should look. Annalise Hermaan

This has made me more aware of all the stereotypes we as teen girls have picked up from social media and how we judge ourselves based on that. Jasmine Bacanaru

My takeaway was that we are all responsible for each other’s happiness and feeling of love, therefore, your problems are my problems. Abigail Marra

The Outcome

Embody Love is designed to help students connect with the flow and energy of love in the hope they might strongly remember who they truly are at the very core; that they are love, pure love. And that when they are moving in the direction of who they truly are, they are becoming love…and co-creating in love with all the infinite amazing possibilities that brings. That is who they are. That is their purpose.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 91.  (In love, by love, and for love).

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