Year 10s Pathway Planning Day

Conor McLaughlin from Nudge Productions speaking on the future of work

Year 10 students are heading into an important time where they need to make decisions around the courses to choose and pathway for Years 11 and 12.

To help with this process, the girls were busy today learning about their options for next year. At their Pathway Planning Day, students heard from different speakers about the future of work. Alumni shared the stories of their different paths since leaving the College and a few staff talked about their career journeys. 

James Rees, Technology & Commerce teacher speaking about his career path

We wish our Year 10s all the best when selecting their courses for next year and look forward to seeing them and their parents at the WACE Pathways Presentation and Course Expo on Thursday 1 July. Please contact Jane Murray, Dean of Year 10 Students, for further details. 

Alumni Speakers from left to right: Jayde Newman (2015) Bridey Eggleton (2015) Niamh Taggart (2015) Shay Bastiani (2019) Dana Mailey (2016) Taylor Jade Donati (2015) Ciara Brown (2015) Lauren Hart (2020) Monique Spurr (2017) Rachel Hobbs (2016)
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