Year 10s Reflect On The Experiences That Form Them

The purpose of the Year 10 Reflection Day was to provide students with the space to reflect on their experiences, to dream for the future and to integrate these into the present.

The design of this reflection day was for students to reflect on life experiences, to acknowledge them, and recognise the contribution they have made towards the formation of self.

The theme for the Day is ‘On the Way’ and is about our journey through life and all the baggage we carry. We’re talking about guilt, shame, regret, fear, loneliness, and all those other uncomfortable feelings that accompany our joys and failures in life.

Students were given the time to reflect on the following:

  • The baggage they unconsciously pick up every morning as they head out the door.
  • The importance of laying down your baggage.
  • That many things contribute towards our understanding of who we are.
  • That all our life experiences and relationships are especially important, as they aid in our growth as humans.
  • To set aside disappointments and instead develop them for personal growth.
  • That they are a gift from God to themselves and others.
  • That they matter, always have, and always will.

Reflection Activities

Throughout the day the girls were able to participate in several activities which gave them the chance to consider their journey through life thus far and the effect all these experiences have on shaping them into the people they are becoming.

Through participation in games, discussions, storytelling and quiet reflection, the girls considered all the baggage they carry, and how it affects them. The turning point of the day came when they realised that everyone carries baggage and that if it is not laid down, it will wear us down.

The ‘Persons are Gifts’ activity encouraged them to recognise their unique gifts and how to use these as good stewards of creation.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

In the final session of the day, students were reminded of Jesus’ invitation to every broken, guilty, or isolated person to “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28). We were also very fortunate to have 10 visiting priests on campus which meant that all the students were given the chance to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.

It is hoped that this day, spent out of the classroom gave all who participated the chance to experience the abundance of God’s mercy and love.

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