A Day of Drama

The Year 11 Drama Day provides an excellent opportunity for our girls to engage with Drama students from other Perth schools and attend workshops led by industry professionals. This week, our Drama students participated in this fantastic event hosted by Penrhos College. We spoke to Drama teacher Kathryn Capozzi to learn more about the day and its benefits for the students.

The Year 11 Drama Day aims to provide a unique learning experience that complements the coursework completed in class. Students are encouraged to push themselves out of their comfort zones, work with new people, extend their skill set, and have fun. They participate in a variety of activities, including improvisation, script study, devising, approaches to monologues, and more.

Through these activities, the girls develop valuable skills that benefit them both on and off the stage. They gain confidence, creativity, and imagination as they embody different characters and bring their stories to life under tight time constraints. Working in a collaborative setting with others they have never met before helps them develop communication skills and express themselves clearly and effectively.

Participating in external workshops like the Year 11 Drama Day is essential because it allows students to explore their creativity, enhance communication skills, and build confidence. They can work with different instructors and peers from diverse backgrounds, providing them with a broader perspective on the art of drama.

For Kathryn, the most rewarding part of the day was watching the students collaborate with students from other schools and throw themselves into the workshops. Our girls showcased Santa Maria values in their interactions with students and instructors, creating a safe environment for everyone and demonstrating the value of excellence.

What Did the Students Think?

I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with other schools, especially ones we don’t get to socialise with normally. I had the chance to chat and get to know everyone in my group, feeling well acquainted by the end of the session, and quite sad to see them go at the finish. I was able to acquire many new skills from this program. I learned that you have to be able to adapt and work with others to create something out of nothing. Rainy Guimbeau

Drama Day taught me to channel my inner acting emotions. I particularly liked the improv workshop when we partnered with students from other schools. It was great to see different reactions to each prompt. Drama is a subject I find exciting and interesting. I’m studying Drama to enhance my love of acting and to learn more about set design and lighting. Lexi Chandler  

I really enjoyed learning new skills and techniques like how to cry on command and improvising. I really enjoyed the whole day and interacting with new people from other schools. I enjoy studying Drama because it allows me to be creative and express ideas in an interesting and meaningful way. Jacinta van der Zanden

During Drama Day, I learnt that silence and pauses in performance make the audience more invested in the actors, and more tension is built. I also learnt some new techniques on how to enhance the emotions of the character you are playing, via emotional recall, and poking your belly to confront those feelings. I also learnt some improv techniques, such as accepting new offers, and building onto the story. The whole day was really fun, but also educational, as I learnt a lot of new things. I especially liked the last workshop, which was scripting and how to build character. The facilitator was vibrant and enthusiastic, which made the overall experience really fun. Claire Durston

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