Year 11 Outdoor Education: Team Building

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place, the Year 11 Outdoor Education class were unable to attend their 4-day Sea Trek during Week 2. Instead, the girls have been working on a project to build team-building skis. This has allowed them to learn, develop and put into practice many of the skills they would have learnt and used during Sea Trek.

Below is what the girls’ had to say about their project:

In the process of building the skis, it took a lot of teamwork, so we could all communicate our ideas for the designs and agree on what we wanted to do. It was a bit challenging working around everyone to try to make sure we didn’t get in anyone else’s way and making sure that everyone got to help and get involved in the activity. I think this activity helped all of us improve our cooperation and communication skills, as well as putting our ideas out there more to contribute to the group. Overall, the activity was a lot of fun and I feel more comfortable around the other people who were in my group having worked with them.  Lauren Wilkes

We really enjoyed this task as it was fun and a great way to work with others and branch out with our leadership skills. I think we all learnt that we are more creative than we thought, and we are capable of incorporating other people’s ideas. The process of designing the skis and coming up with the final idea was the longest process of them all. It challenged our patience and thinking the most. Overall this task was an enjoyable way to enhance our team-building skills. Camryn Tidy & Holly Gresele

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