Year 11s Going Local

Over the duration of Term 1, our Year 11 Food Science (General) and Home Economics students have been involved in the planting and maintaining of a class herb garden as part of their learning about sourcing local foods

The garden is filled with a variety of herbs, flowers and chillies. Through taking part in its upkeep, the girls have been able to develop their gardening skills and appreciate the value of fresh produce.

Sophie Gesmundo said the experience has had a positive impact on her outlook towards gardening in her personal life. “Learning about fresh produce has encouraged me to grow my own vegetables at home in the future, as I have learnt so much about how and why to include fresh produce in my food intake.”The girls also took part in a culinary excursion to Fremantle, visiting local food producers and suppliers while learning more about the ‘paddock to plate’ principle. The excursion provided valuable insight into Western Australia’s food and beverage industry, in particular, the regional area of Margaret River.

“Whilst learning about primary industries in Margaret River, I was given the opportunity to further understand how products are made, packaged and delivered,” says Rachel Gilbert. “It was also rewarding to see how seedlings grow and develop, and how we can eventually use that produce in the kitchen”.

The final assessment of this term involved students applying the knowledge they have garnered and using the produce they grew in the garden, as well as produce brought on excursion, to create delicious and fresh meals.

The girls hope to share what they have learnt in order to help spread awareness and support a sustainable future for the next generation.

“Eating locally can be both beneficial for the environment, economically viable and your so much better for your health,” says Ashlee Timmermans.

“In buying local produce you are supporting the local community and farmers directly. Buying local foods is investing in a better future”.

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