Year 12 Visual Arts Profile: Isabella Rudrum

This week we chat with Year 12 Visual Arts student Isabella Rudrum, who shares the inspiration and story behind her artwork.

What is your artwork about?

As a reflection on the society we live in, a first glance is all it takes to build an opinion. The misconception of the people we meet by the way they look clouds our mind, merely defining society’s judgemental behaviour.

After a singular conversation we find our conclusions corrected, yet never apologise for the way we categorised another by their appearance. Usually convincing ourselves that it was okay because they looked a certain way. Others, feeling trapped within their visual identification, where their true personality is secluded, are left conflicted, longing to expose what lies beneath another’s label.

What or who is the inspiration behind your artwork?

My inspiration behind this piece comes from the observations I have made of my generation.

Social media has developed this attitude that goes beyond safety judgments and forces people to form an opinion of every person they see. Imprinting itself into everyday life, both on and off a screen, people still have this image of what they think a person’s personality will be just by the way they look.

An artist who influenced the idea behind my creation was Ai Wei Wei. He has produced art throughout his career that comments on injustices within the modern world. His art makes a person think. Without fear of exposing someone, he is successful in promoting ideas that often people are too afraid to talk about.

In specificity to my painting itself, Jeremiah Palecek’s painting ‘40’ (2015) helped me form the idea of melting the skin away to expose another layer underneath. I manipulated this image idea to promote the layer people build by their first glance, which needs to be melted away to prevent their judgements from letting true personality shine through. 

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I don’t really have a favourite artist. However, I believe all artists have an amazing talent through the time, thought and overall emotion devoted to a piece.

What is your favourite medium to work in and why?

I enjoy working with any type of paint, especially oil paint. I think I enjoy it the most as it is the easiest to use and has a nice finish.

What do you love most about art?

I love the fact I can visually express something that people can notice, where they might not listen if it was said. Sometimes the best medicine is to paint how you are feeling, people tend to notice it more. 

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