Year 5 Students Explore the Wonders of Gravity

The hour-long drive to the Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre, while potentially tiresome, proved to be well worth the effort. On Wednesday, the Year 5 students enjoyed a day filled with climbing, observing and exploring the history of the universe. 

The Cosmology Gallery captivated students with a plethora of subjects, ranging from the diverse types of waves permeating the universe to the life cycles of stars, and the cosmic forces moulding our world. They delved into the contributions of eminent figures in gravity, such as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. One thing that surprised the students was the concept of the universe’s perpetual expansion and the gradual widening of space between the planets. 

Of particular fascination was the Cretaceous period and the demise of the dinosaurs, marked by a colossal asteroid collision off the coast of Mexico, resulting in the mass extinction of three-quarters of life on Earth.

For the adventurous students unphased by heights, climbing the 45-metre tower was a highlight. Here, students recreated Galileo Galilei’s famous Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment by dropping two water balloons of different masses from the top, observing which would land first. Galilei’s experiment discovered that regardless of the mass, both objects fall at the same acceleration.

Another favourite of the trip was the Day Observatory and Solar Walk. Here, students deepened their knowledge of space debris and had the opportunity to observe the sun through a specialised solar telescope. They also embarked on a nature walk transformed into a crafted model of the solar system. Beginning their expedition at the Sun, they encountered each planet precisely positioned at its proper distance, providing a captivating glimpse into the awe-inspiring expanse of our universe.

What the students had to say:

“I enjoyed doing the experiment where we threw the balloon off the top of the tower and learning new things like the start of the solar system and how the different planets were formed.” Chloe Dale

“The activities inside the Gravity Discovery Centre was really fun, especially the one where you spun around to see how gravity affects us.” Ruby Doutch 

“I really enjoyed dropping the water balloons from the tower, Genevieve had a big one and I had a small one. They landed on the ground at the same time!” Jessica Stevens 

” I liked learning about gravity. If you drop a small water balloon and a big water balloon from a high tower at the same time 0 they will both hit the ground at the same time.”  Eva Crommelin


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