Year 6 Eco Warriors: Looking Out for their Local Environment

In Year 6 Science, the girls have taken on the role of eco-warriors in response to the question ‘How might we help living things thrive in our local environment?’  

Each girl was required to craft her own question relevant to a species of her choice and living in or near the Swan River. The girls came up with some fabulous topics and ways to get their message across, from websites, posters, children’s books, animations, board games, and news reports. The girls used a range of learning for life skills including problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking to come up with their projects.

Here are a few of the girls’ projects.

Gia Smart (6.6) “How might we help the pelicans thrive in the Swan River”

For her project, Gia created a website where she looked at: 

  • Why Pelicans are important?
  • What do they eat?
  • Where do they live?
  • How do they get hurt?
  • How can you help?

Gia also shared some fun facts. “Did you know there are seven species of pelicans, and all of the species look similar, and they also have the largest beaks in the world and can hold 9 – 13 litres of water!”

Jessica De Pardo (6.8) Save the Bandicoots

Jessica created a Save the Bandicoots bookmark. The bookmark includes a QR code that takes the reader to a website created by Jessica, that shares information about bandicoots and what they need to survive.

Ruby Fuller (6.9) Save the Bull Sharks

Ruby has designed a website about banning plastic. She’s particularly concerned for bull sharks and the threat rubbish has on them in the Swan River. She’s also created a group called ‘The Pack Up Crew’. The crew of friends work together to collect rubbish from the shorelines of rivers and beaches.

Bethany Jurkans (6.10) Save Our Seahorses

Bethany created bookmarks and a website called Save Our Seahorses. The purpose of her website is to educate people about seahorses in the Swan River. Her website shares ideas on how people can help protect this species. She said “Please be aware of the damaging contents we do to seahorses. Let’s help save these wonderful creatures.”

After completing their projects, the girls shared them with students from the other Year 6 classes. The girls demonstrated what they’ve learned, their research and knowledge through some vibrant displays. The girls enjoyed the chance to show what they’ve learned and share their message about how to help their chosen living thing thrive in our local environment.

Well done girls!

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