Year 7 Camp Chronicles

This week, the Year 7 students embarked on an exhilarating journey, dividing into two groups and setting off for the picturesque Jarrahdale Bush Camp in Dwellingup. The camp serves as a platform to nurture teamwork, bolster confidence, cultivate trust, and refine communication skills. Crafted to enrich these aspects and more, the camp experiences promise a transformative adventure.

The primary objective of the Year 7 Camp program is to instil self-assurance, resilience, and independence while fostering new connections and nurturing a sense of camaraderie within their Homeroom and Year group. The first cohort was composed of students from Byrne, Dillon, Kelly, and O’Donnell Houses. The second group from de la Hoyde, Frayne, O’Reilly, and Corbett Houses departed on Wednesday.  

A range of exhilarating activities awaited the students, ranging from abseiling & rock climbing, orienteering, zip-lining, and bushwalking to culinary adventures, nocturnal exploration, kayaking, and much more. The flying fox proved to be a popular choice for most students as they could enjoy the picturesque views of the Jarrahfall Forrest. 

Another popular activity was rafting, where the girls were provided with pieces of wood, rope, and barrels to construct the most stable raft possible. They collaborated seamlessly, and each group achieved success with their designs.

Meanwhile, on the days when students were not at camp, they engaged in an Alternative Learning Program at school, ensuring a holistic educational experience, which you can read more about here.

In her recount of the experience, Year 7 student Courtney Norvall shares that preparing dinner outdoors with friends was really enjoyable. She especially loved the bushwalking exercise, during which students showcased their creativity by constructing a cabin from sticks reminiscent of Canadian lodges. They even had to hunt on their own for tree branches, which added an element of adventure. Courtney says, “While orienteering was fun, it was abseiling and the flying fox that was my favourite because I did a 360-degree turn and nailed it!” 

This week offered Year 7 students a wonderful and enriching chance to build connections, learn, and evolve alongside their peers, with whom they’ll share their high school journey for the next five years. A heartfelt thank you is extended to Julie Schubert, Year 7 Dean, for her dedication and to all the staff who made the camp possible.

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