Year 7 RE Students Create Earth Altars

Our Year 7 Religious Education students created some stunning Earth Altars in class this week.

The girls used natural materials from around the campus, including flowers, sticks, and leaves, to create a piece of impermanent earth art as a process of mindful meditation, inspired by a blessing.

Following on from this, the girls also wrote their own prayers of gratitude, which they shared with their classmates.

This activity encourages our girls to become more connected to the land and appreciate all that is around them.

Here is what some of our Year 7 students had to say about their experience creating Earth Altars:

I have enjoyed this segment of Religion because it has allowed me to search around the school and nature to find natural beauty in the school. Writing prayers also allowed me to reflect on the past term and what I have achieved. Lola Cook

I have enjoyed doing this task as I have been able to build a stronger connection with my peers and God. I have also enjoyed observing nature more closely and learning about different plants along the way and creating my own prayers has helped me to learn more about myself. Emily Johnstone

I enjoyed creating a natural prayer altar because I got to make something using natural resources from around the school and my home. I also enjoyed writing my prayers for the altar. Chelsea Noronha

I have enjoyed this activity because it has made me go outside into nature. I have been able to find and explore different patterns, colours, and shapes of leaves, flowers, and more. Mia Paganoni

And of course, here are some of the girls’ beautiful prayers:

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