Year 7s Create SMC Dream Scenes

These scenes around the College may look familiar, but the Year 7 Creative Media classes had other ideas – to turn the College into a scene for a dream! In Term 1, we have been learning Photoshop together and figuring out how to cut out images, change colours, apply filters, place and size objects, warp and copy images, and use layers effectively.We observed a lot of learning during this activity as students helped one another and participated in skills activities to build familiarity with this industry-standard software. Students reflected on their progress using a video response tool called Flipgrid. They recorded their challenges and achievements, and also gave written feedback to each other. Peer and self-feedback is very effective in continuous improvement and further learning.

Here is what some of the girls thought:

“I learned so many new things because I had never used Photoshop before. I found changing the colour of the sky and grass challenging, because I didn’t know what tool to use… but I am most proud of this.” Kahla Olsen

“I am most proud of making my background pastel pink, as it took a lot of cutting and I persevered to finish it!” Jasmine Leighton

“I am proud of all of the things that I chose to put in my Dream Scene, because I felt like it was specific to me and it represented me well.” Grace Westerhout

Some of these Dream Scenes are currently on display in the Plaza. Please come and check them out!

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