Year 7s Learning to Be Water Wise

As part of the Seek7 Enhanced Learning Program, Year 7 students enjoyed an afternoon learning about water usage through an informative presentation from the Water Corporation. The girls moved through tents set up and listened to presentations through headphones.  

Three Things

Shanae Maher said, “The Seek7 incursion was really fun, especially the Watercorp presentation and the interactive activity we did in the tents.”

Shanae shares the top three things she learnt:

  1. I learnt that we use a lot more water than we think. I thought that 50 litres of water were a lot for a whole family, but it turns out that it is how much water a person uses, even after cutting down. 
  2. I also learnt that per day Perth by itself fills up the whole Optus stadium with all the water we use. 
  3. Finally, I learnt that Earth is the only planet with liquid water. 

Bridget Lowry said she learnt a lot and shares her top three below:

  1. I learned that in Cape Town when they use too much water, they have a zero water day. This shows how privileged we are to get to live the way we do.
  2. I also learned that half of the water we use comes from the ocean. This was very interesting because I thought that all the water we have comes from the rivers and dams.
  3. Finally, I learned that we use one whole Optus stadium per day in Perth which means we use 365 Optus stadiums worth of water each year. We use even more in Summer.
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