Years 5 & 6 Dive Headfirst into their Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Our incredibly enthusiastic Years 5 and 6 students dove headfirst into the Interhouse Swimming Carnival this week, representing their Houses with pride and determination.

The air was buzzing with House spirit as cheers erupted from the sidelines for both the Houses and the individual swimmers. The students were thrilled to participate in all their events, from the classic races to the fun novelty races. And a special shoutout to our Year 5s, who were taking part in their first ever carnival at Santa Maria – we couldn’t be more proud!

As with any big sporting event, there were definitely some nerves in the air, especially as it was the first one for Years 5 and 6 students for 2023. We were overjoyed to see so many parents and spectators showing their support for the girls. Everyone swam their hearts out for their House, and we saw some truly impressive results from everyone in the pool.

Champion Girls

Year 5

Champion Girl: Arianna Steadman
Runner Up: Emileah Steadman

Year 6

Champion Girl: Annie Smythe
Runner Up: Anabella Lewis

Emileah Steadman, Arianna Steadman, Anabella Lewis and Annie Smythe

House Results

1st – Kelly
2nd – de la Hoyde
3rd – O’Reilly
4th – Byrne
5th – Frayne
6th – Corbett
7th – Dillon
8th – O’Donnell

Congratulations to everyone for your spirit and participation.

The girls are already gearing up for their next challenge – the JIGSSA swimming carnival later this term. We can’t wait to see what they achieve next!

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