Zonta House Women’s Refuge Visitors

Year 9 Foods Presenting Food Hamper (L to R) Bridget Cranley, Claudia Rock, Jessica Yeo, Gabriella Craig, Ellen Wood (Zonta) & Sharon Frawley (Zonta

For more than 36 years, Zonta House Women’s Refuge has been supporting women who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing family, and domestic violence. Zonta House provides refuge and transitional accommodation, holistic support services, and education to women over the age of 18.

This week, Ellen Wood and Sharon Frawley, representatives from Zonta House, visited classes at the College.

Throughout Term 4, the Year 9 Food classes have joined forces to create a delicious food hamper for the refuge. Mrs Franzinelli’s class thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ellen and Sharon speak about the work involved in being a social worker.

Year 11.5 Children, Family & Community Studies: (Left to right) Meghan Franzinelli, Madeline Carmody, Erin Selten, Paige Tiller, Stephanie Price, Antonia Christianopoulos, Ellen Wood (Zonta) & Sharon Frawley (Zonta)

The Year 11.5 Children, Family and Community General class also welcomed Ellen and Sharon. In preparation for their visit, each student collated specific questions about factors that affect the development of children. The visit was inspiring for the class. It enabled the girls to dive into the life of a social worker and have an opportunity to ask their own questions.

Both Ellen and Sharon love the way our course enables our students to be advocates for women’s rights and have an opportunity to connect with community support networks here in Perth.

The ladies loved visiting Santa Maria College and were very appreciative of the hospitality they received from Santa Maria. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Zonta House in the future. 

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