Boarders Support Relay 4 Life

Last weekend, boarders from across Perth gathered for one of the most significant recreation events of the year, Relay 4 Life, hosted by Aquinas College.

Preparation for this event begun well in advance with year groups deciding what fun and creative costumes they could dress up as in hope to win best dressed. Costumes ranged from Aussie Icons to Smurfs, who yes did paint themselves blue if you saw remnants of it at school photos on Monday.

Every year, the boarding girls from Years 7 – 12 along with staff attend this event in support of Aquinas. The event raises money for the Cancer Council and is one not to be missed.

Highlights of the night include: the volleyball tournament, 6 x 250m relay, which saw our Year 12 boarding girls triumph, and the transformation of the night into dance for life which is one of the most exciting moments of the night where brother and sister schools are paired together and given 20 minutes to prepare a dance to the song of their choice. This is a great time to see creative spirits flow and see what kind of dance everyone comes up with. From Grease to Cotton Eye Joe, there were definitely some interesting moves!

However, the reason why we gather for relay for life is to remember those who have been affected by cancer in one form or another. This year’s guest speaker shared the story of her experience with cancer, and why relay for life meant so much to her. This is a very special moment in the night as it is followed by a silent candlelight walk around the oval in the dark.

Relay for Life is especially important to Santa Maria students as it is a time for us to not only catch up with friends but to also reflect on the life of our beloved Ms Linda Bulloch and why we relay.

Once again, the night was a great success, and I’m sure all the Santa boarders can’t wait for relay for life next year!

Madeleine Anspach, Year 12

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