Students Selected for WA Youth Orchestra

Music students Rainy Guimbeau, Ainsleigh Passi, Johanna Kingsbury and Estela Taranto

The Western Australian Youth Orchestra (WAYO) has inspired young musicians for over 40 years. We are pleased to announce that four of our Music students have been selected to join WAYO. Ainsleigh Passi, Estela Taranto and Rainy Guimbeau (Year 10) will join the Flute Choir, while Johanna Kingsbury (Year 8) will join the Collegium String Orchestra. 


Johanna has been playing the violin since she was four. She first auditioned for WAYO when she was nine. She successfully auditioned for Sinfonietta String Orchestra. This is her second year in the Collegium String Orchestra, in Violin 1. “A year after we moved back to Australia from Japan, my sister auditioned for WAYO, and she enjoyed it. My parents thought that it would be a good experience and give me some goals with my violin”, Johanna said. Johanna has also played the clarinet and told us she received a guitar for Christmas. At Santa Maria, she’s involved in the String orchestra and Year 8 choir.


Estela has been playing the flute for ten years. She auditioned for WAYO after her teacher mentioned the flute choir to her a few times. “She thought it would be a good opportunity to push myself, to try something new and be part of a wider music community”, Estela said. “I love finishing a song or piece I’ve worked really hard on that’s been challenging but also fun to play. Another thing I love about the flute is playing in bands or ensembles as there can be some great people to work and play with, which makes it even more enjoyable. Estela plays in the Concert Band and Symphonic Orchestra at Santa Maria.


Rainy started playing the flute in Year 1. She said, “My mum said I wanted to play the flute when I was in kindergarten. However, she thought I would lose interest, so she didn’t enrol me in lessons. Eventually, by Year 1, she caved in – and the rest is history!”. She was inspired to join WAYO through her love of music and performing and her wish to develop her skills in both areas. Rainy also plays the piccolo. She explains, “It is pitched an octave higher than a concert flute and is also around half the size!”. Rainy is involved in several College bands and ensembles: Concert Band, Flute Choir and the combined String and Wind Orchestra. 


 Ainsleigh has been playing the flute for eight years. She applied to WAYO after her flute teacher suggested to her mum that Ainsleigh audition. “I find it fun, and I think it’s a good escape from the world”, she said when we asked her what she enjoyed most about playing the flute. Ainsleigh plays many instruments, but at Santa Maria, she plays flute, guitar, and trombone. “I am in the Years 9/10 Chorale, Concert Band, McAuley Band, Flute Choir, Flute Quartet, Swing Band and Soul Band.” She rehearses five times a week for at least 30 minutes each session.

 The girls will perform with WAYO twice this year, at the end of Semester 1 and the end of year concert at the Concert Hall. 



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