home economics

Year 11s Going Local

Over the duration of Term 1, our Year 11 Food Science students have been involved in the planting and maintaining of a class garden and using this produce to created delicious meals.

Tasty Treats from the Year 10 Kitchen

Our Year 10 Foods class have been learning how to make and present desserts for service. They tasted so delicious in fact, we thought we would share the recipe so you can make them at home.

Taking Technology Into the Kitchen

Over the past few weeks, the Year 9 Food classes have been baking and decorating cookies using their own cookie cutters, which they created using online software and a 3D printer.

High Tea at Santa

One of our Year 10 Home Economics classes spent a wonderful morning baking high tea treats for students in another Home Economics class.

The girls had to choose which delicious treats they would like to contribute to the high tea, they needed to ensure they had the correct ingredients and to prepare enough food to cater for the other students.

Some of the delicious homemade treats included were chocolate brownies, caramel slices, spinach and feta pastries, scones with jam and cream and sausage rolls, just to name a few.

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