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Top 5 Reads of 2020

Thank you for sharing time with Knowing Girls in 2020. Here are the 5 most popular blog posts of the year.

Helping our kids to cultivate and maintain positive mental health is vital. This article offers 26 strategies to share with young people. It includes a gorgeous downloadable poster. 

2. Kids and Mean Gossip

At the root of a lot of school-yard drama is gossip. Why does it happen and how can we teach kids not to get involved?

3. 5 Messages For Girls That Could Make All The Difference

In their day to day lives, the issues that immediately impact our young girls and teens are quite personal. They are tied to their relationships and encounters with peers. It’s in these day to day experiences that our girls need to feel empowered. This article includes five pieces of advice that could make all the difference.

4. TikTok and Your Child’s Brain

TikTok came of age during the COVID-19 restrictions. It’s entertaining and kids love it, but is it having an impact on the way their brains develop?

5. 7 Changes in Early Adolescents That Turn Their Lives Upside-down

Early adolescents are terrific but sometimes their behaviour can be difficult to understand. A more scientific look at what is happening in their brain development could make all the difference to your relationship.

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