Karen Bickerton

Christmas: Mary’s Story

This year at the final College Mass, senior students unpacked the Gospel story, inviting us to consider the Christmas story from Mary’s perspective.

Boarders Without Borders

Boarders without Borders is about our incoming boarding students connecting with each other, no matter the distance and before they arrive at the College.

Year 9s Follow Ursula

Year 9 students reflected on the steps taken by Ursula Frayne and the Sisters of Mercy as they retraced their journey this week.

Year 5s Genius Hour

Students in Year 5 participated in Genius Hour during their Library lessons this week. The girls worked on projects they were passionate about.

Around the World Christmas Markets

Class 5.5 held an Around The World Christmas Market this week. Each group was given a country to research how they celebrated Christmas. They set up market stalls to educate their classmates.

Congratulations Jayde

Congratulations to Year 5 student Jayde who competed at the WA Little Athletics Combined Event over the weekend, where she came first for her age.

Howzat! Year 6 Cricket Clinic

As a culmination to the unit of cricket Year 6s have been involved in this term, the girls participated in a fixture and grand final in their House teams.

Music with a Message

The Year 10 Music class put on a concert this week, performing compositions that raise awareness of issues the girls were passionate about.

Meet our Wellbeing Captain Evie

Introducing our 2021 Wellbeing Captain Evie. Evie believes that being healthy, happy and building on your strengths is important and hopes to share this message with the College community.

A Pilgrimage of Mercy

Year 9 students will shortly retrace the steps of Ursula Frayne and her companions, as part of their Reflection Days. But why go on pilgrimage?

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