Music with a Message

The Year 10 Music class put on a concert this week, performing compositions that raise awareness of issues the girls were passionate about.

Santa4Santa Day

Christmas came early to Santa Maria today as students raised funds for the Christmas Appeal through our annual Santa4Santa Day.

Year 10 Dancing Lessons Pay Off

After weeks of dancing lessons with Aquinas College throughout Term 3, the Year 10 girls were excited to show off the new dances they’d learned at their much anticipated social.

Caring for Chicks

Year 10 Biology students have been conducting an investigation to examine how birth order affects the growth rates of newly born chickens.

Art Encounter Days

Each year, the Visual Arts Learning Area holds two Encounter Days for Year 12 Visual Art and Design students. These days give students the chance to work with well-known artists and designers.

French Days of the Week

Year 7 French students have been learning the days of the week in French. To reinforce what they have learned, they were asked to create their own French rap song. Here’s one of them.

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